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My name is Stephanie Lodor and I am a mom of two beautiful girls, a coach, and a widow. At the age of 31, my late husband, Keith, needed to have an angiogram for diagnostic purposes. Within minutes of the starting time of the procedure, there was a code blue to the Cath Lab.

I waited several minutes praying that it wasn’t Keith. Eventually, the doctors came in to talk to me. They said that one of his arteries was 100% blocked and the one they call “The Widow Maker” was hanging on only by a thread. When they started to clear it out, his heart stopped and they had not been able to restart it. They wanted to know how much life-saving efforts to take. They said that if they were able to restart his heart again, they would need to do open-heart surgery on him. After what felt like an eternity, they told me there was nothing more they could do. That night I left the hospital a widow. At the time, my eldest daughter was 2 and I was 3 months pregnant with our second child.

In the next two years, I worked on my grief, learned how to be a single mom to two children, and learned what it truly means to lean and rely on God with the help of many friends and family. I successfully completed a grief counseling program and felt like my good days outweighed the bad. I kept pressing forward to complete my degree and then COVID happened. My goal of completing my Human Services degree and learning to become a life coach seemed to dissipate with my oldest coming home from preschool. I was no longer able to complete my school work while she was at school and the baby slept.

At the beginning of 2021, I was offered an amazing opportunity to become a coach through a company I had only briefly heard about. After a lot of struggle about how I would be able to do this with both kids, and a lot of prayers, I decided to accept the offer. I had joined Two Roads Leadership hoping that I could make it through the program without telling anyone my story and having everyone look at me in this “poor pitiful you” way. That dream didn’t last long. With sharing my story though I found this amazing community of love and support instead of them feeling sorry for me. Sharing my story then gave me the opportunity to start working with the Chief Learning Officer. I needed coaching and didn’t even know how much I needed it.

In this past year, I have healed more than I even knew I needed to, I keep trying to be brave enough to take every opportunity presented to me and I aim to learn and grow as much as I can. And mainly I am continually praying in every situation that I am able to push through my own fears to fulfill God’s will and purpose for my life. Through this past year, I have learned that my story is not one of pity. Yes, there is sadness, however, my story is full of hope and love

I've been a client of Stephanie for four months and I am very happy with the results, thus far. Her personality and professionalism create a relaxing environment where I can easily open up and discuss anything on my mind without having any reservations. Her thought-provoking questions and analysis have helped me create actionable plans for achieving personal and professional goals. I can recall several "a-ha!" moments during our coaching sessions where the light bulb turned on and there was an instant realization of what actions I needed to take. I love that!

-Eric M

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Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

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