God Sighting's

Feeling God’s Peace through Other’s Prayers

Not long after Keith passed away I felt such a struggle to even pray. I had such a hard time focusing and being able to just sit still and try to think of what I needed, or what other’s needs would be.

I had expressed to my pastor that I was struggling with this. He told me that even if I can’t pray at the moment, know that others are praying for me. With this, I started asking people to pray specifically for peace. I felt like peace would allow me to be the mom that Charlotte needed me to be and to allow me to still take care of myself for the baby. Whenever I would start to feel overwhelmed or that I needed to know what to do next, I would get an overwhelming sense of peace over me. I can only explain it as a supernatural presence of peace. I knew God was there comforting me in my grief and in my time of need. This is probably the biggest way that I have experienced peace in my life.

It is my goal to encourage others with the prayers and celebrations of seeing how God is working in our world

Feel free to contact me for any questions and doubts​

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